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Published 01/04/2013


If you subscribe to the school of thought that suggests you can head for a beautiful part of the world and allocate yourself just a few hours to search with your camera for some meaningful landscape shots then prepare to be disappointed. You might get some pretty pictures, but unless you're remarkably lucky it's unlikely that you'll come away with anything that runs much deeper.

"However naturally beautiful an area might be, you can't just hope to turn up and find great pictures," says landscape specialist John Rowell.

"I'm remarkably lucky in that I happen to share a cottage in the heart of Snowdonia with fellow photographer and A/V specialist Marion Waine, and even though everything in this part of the world is remarkably compact - I'm never really more than half-an-hour from any of the locations that I photograph in regularly - I still have to work really hard to find the shots that I'm after.


"For example, there's a lake close to where I live that I visited around a dozen times looking for the picture that I knew was there, and I came away disappointed every time. Finally I went back once again two weeks ago and everything just fell into place, and I finally got the shot I was after.

The fact is that the landscape itself never changes, but the light and the atmospheric conditions can be different from moment to moment, and it's being there at that magical time when it all just comes together that is so rewarding."

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