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Photographic Distinctions

Gain meaningful qualifications and distinctions with The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.


Licentiate is our first level of Distinction and is generally seen as an acknowledgement of the consistent high standard of your images. At this level we assess Lighting, Composition, Point of Interest and Technical aspects of each image, the panel does not need to have continuity and it is advised that you include images that are of different subjects, landscapes or situations.


At this more advanced level of Distinction we would like to see images that not only display a competent degree of technical ability, but also portray imagination and creativity. Your Associateship panel should reflect the continuation of your photography journey from the level of Licentiate. The judges are looking for a set of images that sit well together, where attention to detail has been taken, including post production and photo finishing.


Fellowship is our final and most coveted level of Distinction. It is held by only the top 1% of the memberships of most of the UK's representative bodies and is, for most, the accolade that takes the most experience to achieve. As with the judging criteria for Associateship our judges are looking for technical ability across all of your images as well as a clear creative motive behind the panel. So, to our members, we encourage you to achieve Distinctions that benchmark you and your work within the photographic industry.

Reciprocal Qualifications

In certain circumstances we can recognise qualifications and distinctions awarded by other recognised bodies.

If you can supply: A copy of your certificate and the images submitted for assessment our appraisal team will be more than happy to give due consideration.


Submissions for Licentiate and Associate can be made on line by first completing the PayPal Buy Now button below. Fellow applications are only assessed at the Convention and must be submitted as a printed panel of 20, 20 x 16 images.

For electronic submissions files must be saved as jpgs - 2,000 pixels on the longest side and numbered 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, ……. 20

Files must be placed in a zipped folder and sent using our file transfer site.

The appropriate fee must be included at time of application.

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