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by Terry Tucker Published 01/06/2007


My father rekindled his interest in photography when I was 12 years old. This introduction became a semi obsession so that I worked during summer holidays and saved to buy my first SLR. I learnt on manual 35mm cameras, doing my own black and white processing. This meant my numerous mistakes acquainted me in a very real way with Gamma, depth of field, exposure, etc. My main subjects then were landscapes, family and, when I needed to try any new piece of kit or new technique, the pet dog.

Life gathered momentum, an education, work, a social life, sporting interests, then a family, and a home. Photography became less of a passion but nevertheless was always part of the fabric of my life. Family life, sporting interests, and kayaking expeditions dominated my spare time, and my photography reflects this.

Occasionally I would get asked to do some photography associated with family events or with work, and proceeds from these helped to pay for new kit, so I was able to keep pace with the technology as it marched on.


Children growing up and changes at work gave me an opportunity to reset my work/life balance. As a person who enjoys outdoors with a passion for photography with a technical background it was a no-brainer really, I had to try outdoor photography.

So after struggling with 35mm and medium format for 18 months I realised that I like to take pictures where you feel part of the scene and be intimate with it. Therefore it must have depth, detail and texture. If there is sand I want to see the grains, if it is rock I want it to look weathered, polished or even coarse.

If it is water I want it to reflect at times, to be transparent or to be both, sometimes still or to be in a raging torrent. Often my pictures are scenes within scenes and I try to use the natural light with texture to help organise the composition. These requirements suggested a much larger canvas to work with, so I moved up to a bigger format, 5 by 4.

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1st Published 01/06/2007
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