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The Isolation of Winter - part 4 of 1 2 3 4 5

by Paul Gallagher Published 01/02/2017


I have a few places I would always visit when I am in Lofoten. To see and photograph them in this light left me speechless. I recall arriving at the rocky outcrops on the coastline that stand facing the mountains of Flakstad. It was midday and there was a pale hint of yellow in the sky above the mountains and the ice was like glass and deep blue. I returned to this location a few days later when there was cloud in the sky and the low sun bounced off the clouds and changed everything before me into a warm glow of orange and yellows.


Clear skies were not always present and sometimes a gentle covering of cloud would be replaced by a sky of deep, menacing greys – soon to be followed by a blizzard from which you simply had to take cover; the wind that carried it would be bitterly cold and gnawing at your face. I recall arriving at Uttakleiv and Myrland as the light was dying off before the long night began, and standing on the edge of the fjord where the surrounding landscape was once again blue and watching as the horizon became the most vivid pink of twilight. I wandered along the frozen white sands of Haukland as the ebb and flow of the incoming waves pushed their way up the beach and instantly froze before they had the chance to retreat.

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1st Published 01/02/2017
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