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Paul Gallagher in the Faroe Islands - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2015


The Faroe Islands

It is not very often that your editor has good ideas but this one is an exception. Having been tickled by a feature in a weekend newspaper supplement I suggested the idea of visiting the Faroes to Paul Gallagher. Most people know little about the Faroe Islands although they rose to prominence by qualifying for the soccer Euro 2016 by twice beating Greece in 2015. Given that the 50,000 population would fit into most of the larger English stadiums, this was an achievement with seismic implications! Greece's loss caused Claudio Ranieri to lose his job and so end up at Leicester - how things swing around in soccer.

The Faroes lie to the north of Scotland, 200 miles from the mainland and in line with the Outer Hebrides. They are about halfway between Scotland and Iceland. Geologically the archipelago shares much with Scotland although the volcanic activity was about 10 million years later.


The separation of Greenland and the opening of the North Atlantic ridge caused massive volcanic activity to form the islands although they have now drifted to the east of the Atlantic ridge and are no longer active. The volcanoes have left a towering strata of basalt rising for thousands of feet straight out of the sea. The regular rainfall gives the land a vibrant green to contrast the black basalt. Summer temperatures average less than 15°C and rainfall is around 50 inches (which is half of some places in the Lake District). Overall, then it is perfect landscape photography country and, following a reconnaissance trip, Aspect2i have scheduled a trip for April 2016. Getting around is reasonably easy as the road network is modern and includes an undersea tunnel from the island which hosts the airport to the main island. For a taster we include some of the images shot by Paul on his recent trip.

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