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CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5 - part 1 of 1 2 3

by Mike McNamee Published


The CorelDraw Graphics suite is a group of applications which perform a variety of vector and pixel image tasks, including text handling. Corel Photo-Paint, included in the package, is Photoshop-like and specifically designed for manipulating raster images (ie photographs!). Version X5 is not new, having been launched in February 2010, but it is timely to look at it because it ties in with the feature on Painter.

We always have CorelDraw mounted on the office workstation, indeed we used it to decorate the pages of Dave Newman's feature in this issue. Therein lies one of the key features of CorelDraw, it comes with an abundance of resources which includes:More than 2,000 vehicle templates, more than 350 professionally designed templates, a collection of more than 10,000 high-quality clipart and digital images, and more than 1,000 OpenType fonts, (including 75 Windows Glyph List 4 (WGL4) fonts). At the price, this is not to be sniffed at, we almost invariably find what we need amongst that little lot!


As with Painter, CorelDraw comes with a hard-backed, documentation booklet in full-colour, although the days of massive reference books of clipart are long gone. We still have a much-thumbed copy of Corel 6 documentation; it is almost two inches thick. We retain all copies of the software resource DVDs/CDs because Corel move stuff in and out - the medical illustration section of version 6 has never been surpassed! Today you have to use CorelConnect to browse the clip art which is reasonably speedy but still requires navigating through a family tree of folders.

Although CorelDraw files are often regarded with suspicion by in-onpaper printers the software is used worldwide for print projects, you just need to take care if you try to mix content from Adobe and Corel applications, you might get surprises!

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