What can a panel for the SINWP consist of

With some members remaining uncertain of what can be included in an SINWP panel below is a guideline of what can and can not be submitted. SINWP Subject matter: Landscape, wildlife, nature, seascapes, insects and bugs, astronomical, marine and all other natural scenes, animals or plants


A panel should consist of 20 images of either astronomical, wildlife or nature, full details on image size etc can be found on one of the links below. The panel can not consist of a mixture of 2 of the 3 categories as it would be disqualified if submitted for qualification and if submitted for mentoring the photographer may find he/she does not receive any valuable feedback just notification that the panel has failed.

What is classed as Wildlife by the The Societies

For the purpose of the monthly competition / mentoring or qualification wildlife is defined as all animals/birds/reptiles etc that are undomesticated, have freedom to move around without restrictions, do not rely on humans to provide any of their care or wellbeing.

When there is ownership of an animal/bird/reptile etc they will not be accepted for entry into the Wildlife category, they must be entered into the pets category. Examples of entries as pets (other than those in the home or garden) would include animals etc. that are in a zoo, wildlife parks, or on private estates where the owner of the property has introduced the animals etc. for their own pleasure or as an attraction.

A Nature Panel

The panel may consist of either...

Landscapes and seascapes and other natural scenes or Flowers and plants - macro shots are also included if they are of sections of a plant or flower.

Introduction of an object into the flower and plant panel such as a vase or ornament invariably changes the status of the image to still life and as such the image should not be included in a nature panel.

For most members the first step towards gaining qualifications is the mentoring programme. You receive invaluable feedback from assessors with a vast knowledge and experience in your chosen subject. They can direct you on the right path towards achieving your qualification. The Mentoring programme is free and should not be overlooked. Another source of information and advice is the Forum where you will invariably find answers to questions you have by searching for previously discussed topics or you can post a new topic.

Details for all category mentoring submissions are shown 'here'

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