Spirit of Nature Photography Competition - 2nd Place

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Congratulations to Anne Woodington with this image.

Anne tells us about the image -

The picture was taken in the Arctic circle in the sea ice somewhere north above Svalbard. We had left our ship and were just cruising around on a rib looking at the pack ice and ice formations when this bear unexpectedly suddenly came up out of the water and stood on the ice floe. We were too close for my 300mm lens but fortunately i had my travel 28-300 with me as well and I was able to get a couple of shots before we made a hasty retreat as we were too close for comfort!

Full details
Picture taken from a rib in the Arctic circle sea ice somewhere north of Svalbard. The camera was handheld.
Camera Nikon D750
Lens Nikon 28-300 used at 150mm
ISO 400
F8 at 1/400

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Last Modified: Friday, 08 November 2019