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Specialist Photographer for:
Garden Wildlife Photography
Macro Photography
Flora and Fauna Photography
Still Life / Fine Art Photography
I am passionate about all forms of photography where insects and wildlife, science and nature, landscapes, flora fine art and macro abstracts are involved.

I find my inspiration from the things around us: the way different species interact with each other, ever changes weather systems and the effects this has on our landscape and habitats. Most of all from the things right under our noses that we often take for granted the bugs and insects.

My nature and animal photography has a distinctive scientific recording style which was influenced by the recent completion of my BSc in Environmental Science. I like to see animals in their natural habitat where possible but am aware that we don't always see things properly and miss vitals bits of detail and information at what we are looking at so am more than happy to create mini-sets in a studio environment.

I love it when people shudder at some of my subject material yet they are drawn to the image as they have never seen the species that close and in so much detail before, spiders are a good one for that! I guess that's why I love macro photography so much.

Over recent years I have been fortunate to achieve a number of Gold awards with the SWPP as well as being nominated for the Science and Nature Photographer of the Year Award for 2010 and again in 2011 with 2 of my reptile images.

Photographic training: I have been with the SWPP for a number of years now and have attained my Associateship for my macro wildlife images, a Licentiate for my pet portraits and at the 2015 Convention Associate qualification in Portraiture. I also attend regular workshops to keep up with the latest teachings and to refresh and maintain my skill-set.

A number of my nature and wildlife images have been published in Professional Imagemaker magazine and in Photography Monthly.

My interests outside photography include rugby, geology, ecology, extreme weather systems, gardening and rock music.

Why I like The Societies: The Societies caters for all my photographic needs and provides me with a platform for my macro, nature and fine art work as well as my studio portrait work, something that is severely lacking in the other Associations.

Future plans: I'm currently working on the 2nd book in the Photography for Kids series.

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