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Kent Olsson, born 1958 in Vasteras, Sweden, is a freelance engineer specializing in digital filters for cameras and film cameras. He has since 1998 his name on several patents on the subject and his technique is used worldwide including Disney, Time Warner, Avid, Pinnacle, many prime camera manufacturers and photographers all over the world. Beside his role as an inventor and management consultant, he is a passionate and avid photographer specializing in landscape photography.

Kent's style is unmistakable. Captures of amazing light and painterly atmosphere makes his images more like graphical art than ordinary photography and his pictorial language includes the Nordic melancholy.

His pictures have been published as reproductions all over the world by Amazon, Fine Art America, Reproductions de tableaux and many others.

He is the family's third generation photographer and develops his interest in intimate landscapes and its details and textures. He is schooled in watercolor by, among others, Bengt Ellis with whom he spent many, many hours in the Swedish mountains, in their attempt to capture the perfect light.

Kent has had several solo exhibitions of his watercolors and photos. He photographs as he paints; directly, painterly and head on.

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