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95% of my work is B & W. I take a very slow, deliberate approach to capturing photographs. 15-20 frames per day would be quite a lot for me.

Events covered: Primarily landscape of Scotland. As well as around my home area of Perth& Kinross and Fife, I have shot extensively in Caithness and Sutherland, particulary in Coigach and Assynt.

I've also shot in the fishing villages of the East Neuk of Fife and on islands off the West Coast.

I spent a month in and around Yosemite National Part in the US solely devoted to photography.

I have done a small amount of work for payment. This has been product photography.

I am working hard at trying to develop a project-based approach to my work, which I think will take it away just from landscape and into using landscape images in a broader narrative about the land.

Mr greatest strengths: I think my primary strength is composition.

I have worked hard to train myself to 'see' in B & W (my decision to make a B & W image is done at the stage of capture NOT in post-processing.

I been a photographer: About 45 years, although there were a huge number of years in the middle of that when the needs of work and family life took over and I was not photographing. I 're-discovered' photography and the world of digital in 2009.

How did you get started: My enthusiasm was fired by a teacher who set up a darkroom in school. I was hooked. He saw that and encouraged it.

The area I cover is: See above, but primarily Scotland.

My key skills and abilities: The technical aspects of photography don't interest me greatly. I approach photography very much on an emotional basis. The only thing that matters is that the emotion I felt as I looked at my composition in camera is communicated in the final print.

I believe I am a skilled user in the tools that I use, both hardware (cameras) and software, to create my images.

I believe I am also able to encourage and help others through the way I share knowledge and assess their work.

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