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Richard Higgins ASINWP
Nature's Vision Photography
34 Glover Daddy Road

tel:- +1 850 491 4354
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Successful Qualification Submission for Richard Higgins.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016

Style: Professional Nature and Wildlife Photographer

Events covered: All aspects of Nature (Macro, Landscape & Wildlife)

Mr greatest strengths: - The ability to capture the splendid beauty in nature in a photograph the way nature would like for you to see it

Having the skills and experience to teach photography at all levels to all who wants to learn

I been a photographer: As a young man, I've had a camera in my hands since 1957. I started selling my work at the age of 13 and started teaching photo workshops at the age of 16.

How did you get started: Received a Kodak 110 film camera on my 7th birthday

The area I cover is: Mostly in the southeast area of the United States at this point in my life

My key skills and abilities: As a retired Wildlife Biologist, I know and understand the behavior of wildlife and their habitat

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