Andy Harris
Stratford upon Avon
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Type business: Aspiring Enthusiast

My photographic style: Celebrating wonderful wildlife and nature around the world, through photography.

My greatest strengths: (I'm told..) an ability to both see the sight and the picture it could be, with some kind of decent eye for the moment (gosh how we hate answering questions like this ha ha!!)

I have been in photography: since 2015

How I got started in photography: A contractually driven 12 month career break waiting to join a new employer provided the opportunity to join a long-held love and interest in wildlife with an equally long-held ambition to learn how to capture those sights through photography.

My photographic skills: I guess, good and / eye coordination from a lifetime participating in sports requiring that ability, a love of the natural world and an open minded drive to become a better photographer.

My personality: Driven, friendly, achiever, leader, empathetic, smiley, kind.

Geographic areas I cover: UK based but global traveller.

Venues I frequently attend: You can't being somewhere deep in a creatures territory and utterly lost in the moment and their environment, whether that's with Leopards in The Masai Mara or a Fox in my wildflower meadow at home.

I found inspiration from: Kind, smart, funny, rational people with talent they are prepared to share. Any quiet moment in tune with the natural world. The love and patience of the impossibly lovely Sarah my wife and my two amazing 'children', Joe and Georgia.

Success in photography: My 'Pheasant calling' shot featured in the BWPA Book 2018. I've been shortlisted for the BPA in 2018 ('Telegram Sam - a Little Owl shot), a finalist in the Comedy Wildlife Awards 2019 with my 'Otter tickle fight shot'. My 'Kingy on Ice' shot featured in the Top 25 Flickr from around the world in 2019.

Photographic training: Self taught and through constantly seeking guidance from the much more talented photographers, so generous with their time and advice.

My interests outside photography: Family, current affairs / politics, sports and fitness.

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