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Style: Natural History

Events covered: Anything breathing with fur, feathers and scales.

Mr greatest strengths: Patience, patience and more patience.

I been a photographer: I have been a photographer for approximately 50 years.

How did you get started: My parents bought me my first camera which as a Practika 35mm. I then moved on to the Olympus OM1 series. I now use Canon 1DX Mki and Mkii. I also have 7D Mkii and 5DSR. It wasn't until I joined the police and became a Scenes Of Crime Officer and went of a photographic course that I understood the relationship between shutter, aperture and ISO that my photography improved considerably. Prior to that I was very much a "sunny 16 rule user".

The area I cover is: UK. Mainly Scotland, Isle of Mull, Aran and Inner Hebrides. Although East Anglia, Devon and Debyshire are also favourite places. Planning a Botswana trip for next year.

My key skills and abilities: This is always a difficult question to answer. Patience is a major ability as is stalking your prey and learning their habits. Field craft and getting close to your quarry will always win over long lenses. I consider myself to be reasonable competent in that area.

Special and rare breeds photographed: White Tailed Eagles

Landscape places that I have enjoyed photographing: Western Scotland

Red Deer
Red Fox

I have had work published in: Cage & Aviary Birds
Daily Mail (Scotland)

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