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Celebrating Nature Photography Competition - 1st Place

Congratulations to Alan Jones with this winning image entitled 'Cape Sugarbird on Protea'

The image was taken near Walker Bay near Hermanus in South Africa. Hermanus is one of the best whale watching places in the world. I was very lucky to find this particular location. I had gone to the bay early one morning to take a short fixed wing flight to photograph whales from the air. Near the small landing strip was a large field of Protea flowers being grown commercially. The Protea is the national flower of South Africa. They were in full bloom and a great attraction to Sugarbirds and Sunbirds. I was able to get quite close without disturbing them and captured a good number of shots. The light was very good with highly filtered sunlight. It turned out to be an amazing morning of wildlife photography. Canon EOS 70D, ISO 200, 1/1250 at f6.3, Canon 100-400 at 360mm hand held.

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Last Modified: Friday, 08 November 2019