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SRB Elite Filter System - part 3 of 1 2 3

by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2017


The control of reflections, one of the prime purposes of this type of filter is shown in the composite image. The other important purpose of polarisers is to enhance the colour contrast although today this may also be carried out by adjustments in Camera Raw, however, in landscape photography the ability of polarisers to cut through haze is something that the ACR Haze Filter can only partially accomplish. Such was the weather we had no opportunity to test the classic polarising effect on blue skies (not a single day of sunshine during the testing period!).

There is a small amount of exposure ‘confusion’ caused by using the camera on auto exposure with the polariser in place but nothing that you ordinarily experience under real conditions – you still need to keep an eye on your histogram for critical work even if ACR can pull back most errors!

The images above are ‘as shot’ using matrix metering on a dull overcast day. The exposure difference caused by the polariser is thus visible.


This is a very competitively priced accessory, made to top-class engineering standards.

There is a slight residual concern about the vignetting with the lens used to test the system although this is a common problem with wide angle lenses. The more expensive Lee Filter System accommodates the wideangle lenses with a special adaptor. It might pay to discuss your choice with SRB ahead of purchase.

The range is extensive with many other types of filters in both round and rectangular format. Visit:

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1st Published 01/02/2017
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