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Paper Chase - Permajet Fine Art Range 2016 - part 4 of 1 2 3 4 5

by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2016


The heavy weight, alpha cellulose 310gsm base is reminiscent of a modern-day etchings paper exhibiting a consistent and undulating matt coated surface. Its natural whiteness works in harmony with any artistic or creative photographic image.

The stand-out statistics of the audit are exceptional skin tone accuracy and a Macbeth set under 3.0 ?Eoo.


Testing with Canon Pixma Pro 10s
By coincidence we had the opportunity to test some PermaJet papers on the Canon Pixma Pro 10s. This is a 10-ink machine using Lucia inks including three blacks/ greys for improved monochrome renderings. It also sports a Chroma Optimizer to enhance glossiness and expand the gamut. A noteworthy feature of the testing was the disastrous installation onto the Mac operating system (it wasn't us guvnor the client did it!). It is vital with some consumer printers to install the driver software first and THEN plug the printer USB in. Not doing so causes the Mac to install the Gutenprint driver which is an open-source driver which disables the colour management. This is evident by the greyed out dialogue radio boxes in the driver that you ordinarily expect to see. It's a long story but we were unable to resolve the issue on our first visit but we did audit the results we had obtained using the Gutenprint driver and at least left the client with the ability to run work out. Interestingly, the output was quite good once a suitable media setting had been matched to the PermaJet Art Silk (we settled on Canon1/2 Pro paper Glossy Gold). The result was an average error of just 3.3?Eoo which is good for this class of material without bespoke profiling. We were unable to bespoke profile because we could not disable the printer colour management in the interfaces we were being offered. For anybody who is suffering from this issue, the solution is to delete the printer in the Mac system, unplug the USB, install the latest drivers and then plug the printer back in.

We are minded to come back to this issue and get the new Prograf Pro 1000 printer in for a review and really get to grips with things - watch this space!

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1st Published 01/02/2016
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