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Corel Painter 12 for Photographers - part 1 of 1 2 3 4 5

by Mike McNamee Published


Despite the over-arching dominance of Photoshop in the photography world, Corel Painter still has a rightful place in the hearts of those really creative people who like digital painting. The Societies' own Marilyn Sholin and Jane Conner-ziser are Painter experts (Marilyn is a featured artist in the manuals and software interfaces We are also able to call on the skills of Carol Tipping for local support. Carol recently gained her Fellowship of the RPS with a spectacular panel of 'Pre-Raphaelite' images executed with Painter.

And so we took ourselves off to see Carol, armed with a copy of the new version 12 and an idea for the opening double-page spread. Carol, like many artists, works in bursts of activity and is presently photographing birds as though they are about to leave the country! We had seen her Fighting Godwit image some time ago and decided it would make a super 'painting'; she was of the same mind and had already done it! With all this in mind we had her recreate the image in Painter 12, making screen gabs along the way and using the basic method outlined later in this feature. She completed the piece in around 19 minutes. Speed is of no relevance to the true artists but if you wish to use the technique for 'enhance' wall portraits without bankrupting your studio then things have to be quick!


Painter - The New Interface

For new readers, who might not even be familiar with Painter, it is worth explaining that it is a 'natural media' software which can mimic the painting effects of a huge array of artists' paints, brush strokes and surfaces. This covers everything you can think of, from heavy oils and acrylics through to delicate watercolours and pencil sketching. You can start with a photograph as a 'clone source' and recreate the photograph as a painted clone as if it were painted in oils, watercolour or any other of your chosen media. The effect can be as abstract or real as you wish, there are no limits to Painter.

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