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Interviews Melvin Nicholson - part 3 of 1 2 3

by Paul Gallagher Published 01/06/2012


5.Are there any other cities that you are particularly drawn to and why?

Yes there are, and living in the centre of the UK, I am very fortunate to have two of the country's largest and most famous cities within a 30-minute drive away, Manchester and Liverpool. I have shot both many times; Liverpool mainly at dawn and Manchester mainly at dusk, as both offer very different photographic opportunities. I prefer Manchester for its inner city high-rise buildings, urban development and the waterfront development of Salford Quays. Liverpool offers me more interesting opportunities to capture older inner city buildings, modern shopping centres and very architecturally interesting car parks, which are better captured very, very early morning before the workers and shoppers arrive.


I am very appreciative of where I live in having the best of both worlds. Heading north to the city of Lancaster has recently become a firm favourite. The area around Castle Gate, in particular, and the prison, is lined with cobbled streets, old Victorian street lamps and a real sense of history exudes in the city which, of course, is famous for the hanging of the Pendle Witches way back in 1612.

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