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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2016


On the east side of the bay Calgary House, now called Calgary Castle, was built in 1817 extending an earlier Calgary Estate laird's house. Colonel James Macleod, Commissioner of the North-West Mounted Police, was a summer guest, in 1876 and, shortly after returning to Canada, he suggested its name for Fort Calgary. This gave rise to the city of Calgary, Alberta. Iona


The island of Iona is separated from Mull by the mile-wide Sound of Iona. It is a place of Christian pilgrimage reflecting the time in ad 563 when Columba came ashore with his 12 disciples. It is sacred ground and the resting place of 48 kings of Scotland including Macbeth. The Book of Kells was held on Iona, but taken away to Dublin to avoid the desecration of the Reformation, which also saw all but two of the 360 carved crosses destroyed. Today the much rebuilt and modernised Abbey stands proudly on the raised shoreline of Iona which attracts many thousands of visitors (130,000 per year

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