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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2016


This, though, is another gorgeous bay which looks out to Jura and its Paps, 28 miles distant. Colonsay is 11 miles across the sea, a journey that the kayaker in the picture had his eye on! It's a small world - he turned out to be from the Wirral and knew Societies' member, Chris Phillips!

Calgary Bay

This bay has been described as the prettiest beach in the world and on a bright cloudless day who were we to argue! The name comes from the Gaelic, Cala ghearraidh, meaning Beach of the meadow (pasture). 'Cala' is the word specifically used for a hard, sandy beach suitable for landing a boat, which relates plausibly to the location. A small stone pier, originally built to allow 'puffers' (small steam-driven cargo boats) to deliver coal to the Mornish Estate, was also used to take sheep to and from grazing on the Treshnish Isles and gives a further possible reason for the name of the bay. We walked out to the headland taking in the spectacular granite intrusion, one of many dykes in the Hebrides. This again is a place where you could spend many hours making images.


Just up the hill from the pier the deserted village of Inivea remains as roofless stone ruins, an atmospheric relic of the Highland clearances. David Tennant (the former Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who) traced his family back to here in the BBC programme, Who do you think you are? Around 24 buildings of the township can be seen, several of them still standing to wall head level. These included houses and barns, with enclosures probably forming kailyards.

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