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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2016


Originally she was built with a 'wet well' in the middle part of the boat which was flooded with seawater to keep the catch alive and fresh. For a full story on her six-year renovation see magic mull


What's Left?

You should always leave a place with a few things not done so that you have an excuse for a return trip! An enduring theme of conversations we held with other tourists was that they had been returning to Mull for 10, 20 and in some cases 30 years!

This trip, then, was little more than a scoping exercise to see what was what. Photographic must-do's are to revisit Staffa and perhaps the Treshnish on the sailing boat, to find a way to get to both Carsaig Bay and the McCulloch fossilised tree, have a meal in Tobermory, revisit Iona and to use the Big Stopper - with flat calm and clear blue skies it never left its box.

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1st Published 01/08/2016
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