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by Paul Gallagher Published 01/12/2009



Considering I have been obsessed with photographing the Scottish highlands for many years, there always remained one main area that I had never had the time or opportunity to visit, The Outer Hebrides.


Traig Eais Bay

Several times over the years I had seen the hazy outline of the islands on the horizon from the north west coast of the Isle of Skye and the coast of Wester Ross. Many times I had studied the complex archipelago in detail using Ordinance Survey maps, but never actually managed to get there. This is the first challenge in visiting the Outer Hebrides. You cannot simply decide to 'pop' up there or 'grab' a few days. The ferry crossings alone range from a one hour forty minutes sailing from Uig on Skye to Harris, to just about five hours sailing from Oban to Barra. For many inhabitants of the UK, just the drive to any of the ferry ports is an arduous one, sometimes requiring more than a day's car journey. It is these distances that make the Hebrides unique in the UK because it is this that keeps the islands quiet and remote. They are often only visited by people who have a love for, and respect these types of environments and make a pilgrimage to experience the total peace.

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