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Getting very close - Part 3 - part 1 of 1 2 3 4

by Christopher Algar Published 25/01/2018


Phantom midge larva, polarising filters and wave plate, 4x objective, stack of 44 frames.

When I began looking into buying a microscope with which to take photographs, I was overwhelmed with the complexity of the subject. My only previous experience with microscopes was in the days when most were of the monocular type and digital photography and stacking of images were in the distant future. Rather than give up, however, I have tried to extract information from various sources pertinent only to our own requirements.


Vitamin C, 10x objective, stack of 52 frames

One method of taking photographs through a microscope is to hold a camera with an attached lens close to one of the eyepieces. This seems similar to using binoculars instead of a telephoto lens for distance photography to me and it is not something that I have tried. Another method involves using a trinocular microscope, which has a tube for attaching a camera in addition to the usual binocular eyepieces. A proportion of the light can be switched over to this tube and, with the addition of a photo eyepiece and a camera adapter, the microscope can be used for photography.

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1st Published 25/01/2018
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