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Getting Into Wildlife Photography - part 3 of 1 2 3

by Tesni Ward Published 30/01/2018

Donít be afraid to find inspiration in other peopleís photographs
Whilst I strongly believe that itís important to develop your own style in photography, donít be afraid to view and appreciate other peopleís work. Visit galleries, browse portfolios, read magazines and view competition winners. It can always be great to recognise why other images are so visually appealing to in time help shape and develop your own style and approach.

It goes without saying that practice is key. Wildlife can be fast paced and unpredictable, meaning you will be required to make snap decisions and adjustments to your settings or composition, so having an in-depth knowledge of the different settings you may need to adjust will be greatly beneficial when youíre out in the field.

Equipment matters (or does it?)
Iíve always been a big advocate that you donít need expensive or professional equipment to take a good picture. Without having the eye for a good composition, no amount of investment in good equipment will improve your images. The lines do, however, become slightly blurred when it comes to wildlife photography. Whether youíre wanting to shoot more environmental, wide-angle shots of your subject or getting close isnít an option and you need a telephoto, choosing the right equipment early on can help your development.

Donít forget to enjoy the moment
Sometimes we can become so engrossed in taking images that we fail to enjoy the scene in front of us. Whilst itís important to capture great images, donít forget to enjoy the experience at the same time; it may not happen again.

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