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Published 01/08/2016


Bags, tripods, lenses, audio accessories for photographers turned videographers, on-camera flash, LEDs and more - all sundry items the photographer needs for their creative arsenal. With technology and what is actually available to us moving so fast, sometimes we need to take a pause and look around us. That's what this article is doing, surveying the latest options available to enthusiast and pro photographers in the UK and beyond. We hope it will provide some food for thought - if not suggestions for potential purchases for your camera's kit bag...

Cullman bags and tripods

Re-introduced to the UK market by distributor Intro2020 for the first time in a while are a new selection of Cullman-branded bags and tripods. Taking the latter first, new to the range and worth investigation is the fourth iteration of Cullmann's 'Nanomax' 460M tripod. This model includes a two-way panhead, quick-release platform and removable centre column - allowing the photographer to use the Nanomax 460M as a monopod instead. Fashioned from aluminium, the tripod comes in black, offers a maximum height of 168cm, a minimum height of 19cm, four section legs and a maximum load of 4kg. A special feature of all new Nanomax models is what's described as a triangular aluminium profile for the tripod legs and centre column, which, according to the manufacturer, makes for reliable anti-twist protection.

Also worth consideration by professionals looking for a 'workhorse' support is the slick and contemporary-looking 'Titan' tripod in gunmetal silver, featuring heavy-duty watertight legs and anodised trapezoidal aluminium body. As one would expect, it's built to support a heavy body and lens set-up - with maximum sustainable load a whopping 21kg. Other features of note include an air-cushioned centre column to supposedly make for jitter-free stills or video work.

Maximum height is 162cm, whereas minimum is 74cm. Not only is this tripod claimed to be precision made in Germany, it also offers a 20-year warranty for peace of mind.

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