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In The Footsteps of Ansel Adams - part 2 of 1 2 3

Published 01/02/2000


When you first arrive at Yosemite its beauty immediately captures you. It is easy to see why Ansel Adams fell in love with it in 1916.- he was using a box brownie at this time. Before Adams there had been Watkins and Weed and Muybridge, the great photographers of the heroic wet-plate period. They had done their work more than 50 years before Adams started.


The one feature in the park which has been captured by Carleton Watkins in 1880, and Adams almost a century later is El Capitan. When you first see the mountain you can see why it draws artists, photographers and now climbers. The park has many other features to photograph but the Half Dome is worth the effort. Ansel Adams said "I have photographed Half Dome innumerable times, but it is never the same Half Dome, never the same light or same mood."

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