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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2009


Knees are protected by reinforced, waterproof patches; note also the shoulder patching.


You may ask what can be special about trousers, well that's what I thought until I used the 'Extreme' trousers. The material is the same as that used for the jacket, however, the design is very basic, but very effective. Here are some of the main features:

· The trousers have two large leg pockets, two waist/hip pockets, tworear pockets and two side ventilation zips.
· You can crouch and sit down without getting wet.
· You can crouch down without baring your back (the builder's bum) and getting cold, these are high-back design.
· Forest-green colour.
· The outer shell is 100% polyester micro-suede, Dupont Teflon treated to repel dirt, water and unwanted stains, including reinforced dark-green patches 100% nylon in contact areas.
· Mesh inner lining for breathability.
· Velcro ankle straps.
· A 'Velcro' 100% adjustable waist band system eliminates the use of belts if you so wish, however, there are belt loops available, or you could use both.



The fleece is fully detachable and independent of the main jacket. It is both windproof and waterproof for comfort and protection at all times.

It is made as a lightweight fleece from '100% Polyester' laminated with TPU and '100% Polyester Mesh'. It is designed for wearing in conjunction with the 'Extreme' jacket in the winter or colder periods, or on its own in warmer conditions.

Here are just some of the features to be found on the 'Extreme Fleece':

· Forest-green, stylish and lightweight.
· One deep-zipped side pocket on each side.
· One zipped breast pocket.
· Two press-stud pockets, one on each sleeve, ideal for your mobile phone, memory cards, etc.
· Fully windproof, waterproof, and breathable.
· Reinforced nylon shoulders.


I think that this product will become a very popular piece of photographic clothing, not only for the natural history, wildlife and outdoor photographers but also for the many other types of photographers, including travel and press. The first reaction I had when I looked at it was that it could solve the problems of getting camera gear through airport security. The garment is a dedicated vest and may be used independently of the other pieces of Stealth Gear.

It features 12 very strong pockets, eight on the front, three inside and one extremely large pocket on the rear which is gusseted. Talking of gussets, the two lower front pockets have zipped gussets, which expand so that each pocket is large and strong enough to hold a professional 35mm DSLR with a smallish lens. A lens may also be wrapped in a protective collar and then put in the pocket. In some cases these pockets could hold a medium-format camera.

Features include:

· Forest-green colour.
· The outer shell is 100% polyester micro-suede, Dupont Teflon treated to repel dirt, water and unwanted stains and has 5862g/ m2/24hrs breathability, including reinforced dark-green patches 100% nylon.
· Corduroy colour to cushion camera straps.
· Very strong and silent.
· Taped seems to guarantee waterproofing.

The key features which make the Stealth Gear stand out are: 1 The extra large pocket on the back of the jacket unzips, drops down, and becomes an attached seat. This allows you to park your backside anywhere, at any time and, most importantly, keep it dry.
2 Adjustable internal shoulder pads to protect against those very heavy camera bags and rucksack.
3 A five-year guarantee on each garment.

In practice over a period of months the gear has proved comfortable and highly practical.

For more information, detailed specifications, prices, retailers, distributors and a fully detailed video please visit

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