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Camouflage The Art of Concealment - part 3 of 1 2 3 4

by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2009


The Stealth Gear garments are well endowed with pockets of various shapes and sizes right up to camera and lens size. Smaller pockets are there for storage of CompactFlash cards, batteries and the like.

In reviewing for Professional Imagemaker, please note, I am not for one minute suggesting that a wedding photographer wears this gear on the actual day of a wedding shoot, unless of course it is in the Outer Hebrides, irrespective of how bad the weather is!

The four pieces of clothing reviewed can be purchased as separate items and are supplemented by a pair of gaiters, a poncho and a number of hides. All these items are aimed at providing the photographer with a more comfortable, warmer, drier and camouflaged way of working in the field.

I would imagine a number of the readers go out working in all the elements of the UK's famous weather conditions, including those very cold winter days. Wear one of these suits and there are a couple of points which will be guaranteed: you will be warm, comfortable, waterproofed and secondly, you will not look like a member of the 'SAS' out on manoeuvres.

A notable feature of the garments is the quality, hard-wearing, and sturdiness of the materials and the methods of manufacture. This is obviously what a natural history, wildlife, and outdoor photographer has been looking for, for a long time now, especially when you consider some of the rough terrains and positions we end up in. This suit will protect you no matter how much crawling around on our hands and knees you do, not to mention lying on the ground, irrespective of what we are lying on or in and how wet it is!

Each piece of clothing is made up from a dark green, 100% polyester micro-suede, and is coated in 'Dupont Teflon' which in turn repels dirt, water, and unwanted stains. In addition, each garment has selective areas which are made from 100% nylon and reinforced in such a way as not to hinder movement, to make the suit much more practical, comfortable and protective. The protected areas include the knees and elbows. All the garments are 100%, fully breathable.


Knees are protected by reinforced, waterproof patches, note also the shoulder patching.


The jacket, like the rest of the package, has many new features to offer.

Features include:

· Forest-green colour, ideal for blending into the grasses, bushes and trees of the British countryside.
· The jacket features 14 pockets in all, one of which is extremely large, on the rear of the jacket, and also doubles as a waterproof seat.
· Side zips allow easy access to your trouser pockets and also for more freedom of movement.
· Corduroy collar patches to cushion camera straps.
· The materials are strong and, with strategic use of velcro, they aresilent in use.
· Specialist strengthening provides additional protection against wear and tear when carrying a large rucksack or backpack.
· Under-arm air vents may be closed by both zip and velcro.
· Adjustable storm cuffs.
· Taped seams and YKK zips to guarantee waterproofing.

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1st Published 01/12/2009
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