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The Beauty of the Landscape - part 3 of 1 2 3

by Paul Gallagher Published 01/12/2016


5. The access to the upper portions of Yosemite National Park are via Highway 120 and the Toga pass which is closed from November through to late May so you have to plan your trip well.

6. In comparison, the highways through Banff the main being Icefields Parkway is generally open all year round.

7. Comparing the two locations I would say the photographic opportunites in Yosemite National Park and plentiful and very close together and it is without doubt a photographer's paradise from the woodlands of the valley floor, Valley view, Tunnel View and Glacier point are all within a very short driving distance of each other.

When you get to these places do not be surprised if you choose the and of the day and see many other keen and excited landscape photographers with the same idea.


8. In Banff, Kooteney and Yoho National Parks in Canada you really do feel a sense wilderness because of the size of the place but you will have to put some miles in to get around. On saying that the roads are second to none and every mile is worth it!

9. In the simplest of terms, as a landscape photographer, you cannot compare side by side the two places. They both have lakes, mountains, rivers, forests and woodland and stunning views, but they also both have very individual personalities which is only something you realise when you have visited and photographed both and experienced them.

Contributors, Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington are now running courses out to both Yosemite and the Rockies.

Check out for the itineraries (some are almost fully booked already but have not even been posted yet!)

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