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Duncan Cauchi on The Beauty of Skye - part 1 of 1 2 3

by Duncan Cauchi Published 25/03/2020


For those who have never been or even heard of Malta, it is a small island, right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its size and location allow it to have several benefits, such as sunny weather almost all year round, many sandy beaches, an intrinsic and diverse culture, and a broad history. Notwithstanding all this, it has its limitations when one is fond of landscape photography. This is because when coupling Malta’s small size (122 square miles) with a high population (almost 500,000) and nearly 40% covered with buildings there is not too much left! As a result, I often seek out other countries for more expansive landscapes.

Over the last few years it has become a tradition that, after The Societies’ Convention I stay on for a few days with a couple of Maltese friends and travel to different locations in the UK. This year I was particularly excited about the trip as being a brand ambassador, I was entrusted with testing the new Haida M10 Drop-in filter holder system and compiling a field report.


This year’s expedition took us to Scotland, a country very dear to me, as I have travelled there several times in my youth. However, in recent years, its significance to me has deepened as my photographic proficiency progressed. Every landscape photographer has that favourite country, that place which he is not only fond of, but is also where he will always find inspiration and will consistently refresh his zest for photography. This place for me is definitely Scotland. It is the mixture of breathtaking countryside, the endless shorelines coupled with the characteristic Scottish weather, which, while for some people is dreary, for a landscape photographer the mixture of snow, clouds, fog and occasionally sunshine adds drama to any given photograph. The fact that the people are so warm and welcoming, the food is endearing and the rhythm of the country is slower and more laid-back, gives me the opportunity to slow down and catch my breath from the pace of the office life.

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1st Published 25/03/2020
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