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DIY Infrared Conversion - part 1 of 1 2 3

by Thomas Lee Published 01/02/2014


HEALTH WARNING! Screwdrivers can kill your camera DEAD.

The Quandary

It seems only yesterday (actually it was March 2012), that I was raving about the Hybrid V1 small sensor offering from Nikon and the superb results I was getting from such a portable and inconspicuous device. How times have changed...

Don't get me wrong, I love the results but having used the camera for nearly two years, there are certain features of it that were beginning to wear thin on me - such as the inability to turn off the motion sensor located next to the viewfinder. It was only supposed to work when the eye was close to the viewfinder, however, mine seemed to turn the viewing screen off as soon as you picked the camera up. A bit of a nuisance if you were trying to video something!


My next thought was to trade in for a new camera whilst it still had some value attached to it...eeek! To my horror Nikon had slashed the cost of a new unit to less than one third of its original selling price. This is not good news for a trade-in deal or to buyers (like myself) who jumped in on the new technology that is now just over 24 months old. Such a quandary, what to do? I was going to get maybe £100 against a new camera that might do exactly the same thing.

I have long been a fan of infrared photography and indeed already have a converted Nikon D70s precisely to do this job. However, when I travel abroad, I need to carry so much gear that baggage allowances play a part in what I take, and another SLR body and lenses can add to difficult decisions. There is also a problem with flare depending on the lens choice with the D70s.

I therefore looked into the possibility of converting the Nikon V1 to solve all of these problems. To my surprise, finding the information on the web was quite easy and the instructions for undertaking the conversion were so straightforward that I decided to do the job myself.

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1st Published 01/02/2014
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