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Congratulations to Edmund Telford with this winning image entitled 'Two For The Price Of One'. Edmund from Ayrshire, Scotland has won 12 months membership to The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.

Edmund tells us about the image.

''The image was taken on Sunday 26th July in The Midlands on a dull wet day as can be seen from the motion in the falling rain. I had just purchased a new Tamron 150 - 600mm telephoto lens and took this image at 600mm from a hide resting on a bean bag. The light was not particularly kind on this occasion and I had to crank up the ISO on my Nikon D610 up to ISO 3,200 in order to achieve an exposure of f8 at a 1/320th sec.

To get any Kingfisher shot with a fish in its mouth is a fantastic joy to any photographer but to acquire a shot with two fish in its beak doubled my pleasure and sense of achievement. My alternative title I had in mind was "One For Me & One For The Wife"

This is a shot from one of the first Natural History shoots I have tried this year and one of the reasons I tried this is that I am an approved Judge by the Scottish Photographic Federation and travel to various Camera Clubs in Scotland judging their competitions. Natural History is always present as a theme so I am of the opinion that it is unfair to critique images in genres you haven't tried yourself. So having sat in a hide for three days learning the lessons of technical knowledge, field craft, patience and timing, I now feel more aware and appreciative of the skill sets necessary from photographers to acquire natural history imagery.''

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