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My name is Craig Bill and I am a landscape photographer residing in Austin, Texas. Photography, I feel in my life, has always seemed a relevant and appropriate tool for expression - especially for our planet. Technological advances in this industry not only allow me to appreciate and utilize past techniques, but embrace the future of photographic science... one without limitations. I do enjoy being part of the entire artistic process from travel and capture to printing and fashoning artworks. “Painting or drawing with light”, a literal definition of photography, does not seem to grasp the entire concept as it applies to this art. Rather, maybe, the endless waiting, driving, freezing, and starving might convey a better picture sometimes... all for seeking and capturing fleeting atmosphere, light and land - tiny moments in time and space. Using different tools of cameras, filters, time, light, space and patience I hope to share images that we may not easily or not at all experience directly, but are there - waiting to be discovered.

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