Hans Bentzen
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Style: Digital Nature Photography

Events covered: Wildlife and landscapes with a particular emphasis on Australian birds. Also travel nature photography of countries I visit.

Mr greatest strengths: Wildlife interaction and knowing the subject, expected behavior and safe distances to approach wildlife without stressing them.

I been a photographer: 10 years now

How did you get started: I have always had a strong interest in wildlife and in particular birds along with a keen interest in photography. With the development of digital photography and my capacity to afford the required equipment it seemed logical to combine it all and photograph birds. This has now evolved to include travel and wildlife of different forms and nature in general.

The area I cover is: Mainly Australia, particularly Northern Queensland but do frequently travel and almost always design the travel around photographic opportunities. Travelling to the UK in July / August this year. Have plans for Antarctica, North America and more of Africa.

My key skills and abilities: Keen ability to further my photographic skills and knowledge.

Wildlife interaction and understanding/reading or predicting behavior.

A ruthless editing standard.

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