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The open to all competitions for members and non-members have proved to be a huge success for the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.

We have received lots of outstanding work from all over the globe. An additional benefit is that the newspapers have picked up the feeds and published it further. To date reports have been published by The Times, The Telegraph, Metro and the Irish Daily Mail - that's a lot of readers seeing our members work; it's all good stuff.

Scotland’s landscapes recognised in international photography competition (The Scotsman) - competition - Images of Scotland featured in a collection of photographs showing the wonders that our earth still holds for us.

The Times - Thursday 22 December 2016 - competition
The Times

Best of Nature (The Times, The Daily telegraph)
A photograph of a seahorse framed by coral and sunlight in the Gulf of Naples has won a global competition. Hundreds of photographers took part in the contest run by the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers but this picture, by Marco Gargiulo, came out top.

Amazing Insects (Amateur Photographer magazine) A photographer based in Argentina has won a global competition that sought images of amazing insects and bugs, with photographers from the UK bagging second and third places.

Focus on Nature (The Telegraph) - Hundreds of professional and amateur wildlife photographers submitted images to Focus on Nature, one of the monthly photography competitions run by The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.

All Creatures Great and Small (Daily Mail) - From tiny critters in a garden pond to an Osprey swooping in with a fish in its talons, these stunning images capture all creatures great and small as you've never seen them before.

Bognor Regis (The Sun) - THIS may look like a scene from the Amazon rainforest - but this prize-winning shot was actually taken in a back garden in Bognor Regis.

Two pet red-eyed tree frogs (Daily Mail) - Photos are winners and runners-up in competition by The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers

Land and Sea Competition (Amateur Photographer magazine) - The winning photo of Brighton's West Pier was captured by Alessandro Tear who beat more than 560 entries, using a Canon EOS 550D and 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

Suffolk boy's squirrel snap (ITV News) - Kyle Moore's picture of a squirrel in the snow, won him the Celebrating Nature award from the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers, in front of hundreds of other entries.

Stunning sunset over a lighthouse (Daily Mail) - 'My photo was taken en route to a skiing holiday this year to the French Alps with friends and our 10-month-old first ride in the Eurotunnel.'

Baby Monkey (Daily Mail) - 'It was taken at Jigokudani, close to Nagano in Japan. It was snowing, windy and cold, about minus 5 and the monkeys were relaxing in the hot spring,' the 55-year-old said.

Nature's Secrets (Express) - Winner was French snapper Michel Hagege with a picture of a baby monkey clinging to its mum in a hot spring in Japan as the snow fell.

Astonishing close-up of fruit fly (Amateur Photographer magazine) - The Warwickshire photographer, who also works in IT, captured the image at the Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve in Coventry using a Canon EOS 650D and Tamron 90mm macro lens.

Mother Nature at her best! (Express) - MOTHER Nature can be quite startling sometimes, and these pictures have certainly captured her at her best.

The beauty of the planet's landscapes captured (Daily Mail) - From stunning volcanoes to Britain's storm-lashed seas, these award-winning pictures show the beauty of landscapes around the world.

Spectacular landscape photographs (The Telegraph) - From hundreds of entries, the winning shot of Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo volcanoes in eastern Java was taken by German photographer Adrian Rohnfelder.

15-year-old British boy has beaten off professional photographers (Daily Mail) - Kyle Moore, from Suffolk, took first place in the Celebrating Nature competition run by the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.

Beautifully colourful shot of a ladybird (Daily Mail) - From baby turtles scuttling across the beach to the northern lights glowing in the Icelandic sky, these are just some of the hundreds of entries to the Living Planet photo competition.

Image of a mother polar bear with her cubs (Daily Mail) - The winner of the Treasures of Nature Photography Competition was Michelle Valberg from Ontario, Canada with her polar bear and cubs image entitled 'On the Move'.

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Last Modified: Friday, 23 December 2016